The Air Quality Sucked Today

by - Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The air quality sucked in Seoul today. It trickled on down to Suwon. 1 in 3 people in my building is hacking up their lungs. I have a tight chest and familiar lump in my throat. Oh boy. 

No, that's not overcast. It's smog.

The air quality sucked today. So much so, that they canceled one of the varsity games. 

The haziness that covers the sky is not overcast. It's pollution. Some say it's from Beijing, and that it gets worse in early Spring (a yellow dust post forthcoming). Some say it's from Seoul. Not sure where it's from, but I hate it. I like my lungs pink and fully functional. 

Smog blocking the sun :(

Disgusting haze: please go away. 
Humans: please treat your Mother (Earth) better. 
Mother: please don't hit the reset button on us just yet. 

Self: please don't get sick *snot cry*

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