"And We Know That All Things Work Together..."

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

....oh say it aloud if you know it and believe it!

Honey. In the end everything always works out as it should. Many of us tell others this ad nauseum but when it's time for us to adhere to it? Pshh.

"Ain't nobody tryin' to hear that."

Right. And then God does something that turns your whole life around, for the best of course.

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South Korea, the continent of Asia if I'm gonna be real, was nowhere on my radar within my search. I knew people there that were happy and doing what I hoped to do. It wasn't, however, where I desired to be. So I was very surprised and slightly apprehensive when I was contacted by a school near Seoul about a position they had coming available. I've worked with many demographics over the span of my career, and I have a pretty good understanding of expectations from different cultures. I know that Korea as a whole is still pretty homogenous, not nearly as diverse as certain parts of the M.E. albeit about as conservative. And then it hit me: there I was again, looking for comfort and familiarity. The very thing I was trying desperately to escape in the states. Good grief.

I went forward with the (Skype) interview and learned many wonderful things about the area and the school. By the end of the interview I was full of excitement, thrilled even. I wouldn't even call it an interview; I was so at ease with both the principal and the Head of School that I had to remind myself that I was being vetted! I humbled myself because I knew the position wasn't mine, but it was the most excited I'd been about any of the schools I'd spoke with. That's how you know when something is right. When the contract and perks are not your biggest concern (not that they don't matter!) but you've been so reassured that this is the right fit for you. This is "the one".

As it turns out, I was right. An offer came soon after and I was over the moon! Finally, years of fortitude was paying off. "South Korea? I never thought I'd end up in South Korea!" This is pretty much what I told anyone who would listen when recalling the experience. But the way everything seamlessly fell into place was nothing short of divine.

No growth occurs within the space of comfort. Some of my best triumphs have occurred when I bravely stepped outside of my comfort zone, or was shoved out of it (thanks, God!).

I am SO looking forward to this journey. I am not at all expecting it to be easy but I am full of enthusiasm. I know in my heart that God would not bring me somewhere and leave me forsaken; certainly not all the way across the world, either! Should I become overwhelmed with culture shock or encounter adversity, I will rest on that fact.

In the meantime, your prayers for a safe and enjoyable journey are appreciated. :-)

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  1. "No growth occurs within the space of comfort." Thank you for this! This will be my 9th school year with my current school, this is the only place I know and I've become quite comfortable. I always come up with a reason to stay when I know I can be making more money and even advancing but I stay because it's comfortable...