First Weekend in Korea

Sunday, August 02, 2015

Good, stormy Monday morning from South Korea! Good Sunday evening for those back home on the east coast ;-)

I am about a week in to this journey and I am over the moon! In following other, fellow educators' blogs, I know that this is very much the honeymoon phase, and that things have yet to get started. Nevertheless, I'm enthused and excited!

Our school has been so good to us. We have had such an experience in a short time. Highlights thus far include:

  • Learning about the trash and recycling system in SK-it's very intricate!
  • Shopping at Costco and HomePlus, oh what an experience!
  • Eating out, and having people sneak pics, video of me-half funny/half annoying.
  • Having an older gentleman stop his car in the middle of the road to wave, say hi and snap a pic-100% amusing.
  • Getting to know my coworkers :-)
  • Experiencing, and subsequently sleeping through, my first thunderstorm.
  • Paris Baguette- if you know, nuff said!
  • Getting locked out of my electronic entry apartment, at night.
  • The unspeakable joy of my DVD player and Netflix account-all in working order.
  • Experiencing a Nanta Show in Seoul (pics below)
A lot can happen in a week! Goodness, I feel like my resilience is being tested already! But what's it for if you don't use it? I would like to think that things are only going to get better from here. I'm anxious to learn the lay of the land and to get to business. Week one of 50 in the books, and for the most part it was a good one!

Fake ballin'

Tempura-fried shrimp and veggies, my fav thus far

Vibrant streets of Seoul!

Nanta Show in Myeongdong!

Le struggle

Korean BBQ spread, smelled soooo good but I did not partake in the cow 
((holding strong!))

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