One Month Anniversary

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Time flies!!

Posing with palace guards.
Good Sunday evening from South Korea. As of last Friday, I have officially been in the country for one whole month. Life here has really been great. I really feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders by being here. Minimal bills, lots of social activities and I'm not pulling my hair out at work. I'm truly blessed.

I'm adjusted to the culture shock. Pointing and glares no longer bother me like they used to. Usually a death stare will make a sneaky snapper think twice about taking my pic without my permission, I can spot them pretty well. In my head, I just pretend that I'm an annoyed celebrity (LOL).

I am finding that I'm a kid magnet here. Some of my fondest memories to date have been random children coming up to me to say "hi", tell me their names and offer small talk (we make exceptions for small talk for the youngins). The parents seem to encourage it. The kids usually just want to practice their English really quick. I'm not sure how they know I'm American and speak English but they've been confident and right; still, many of them have never seen anyone like me. Black Girl Magic.

Yesterday was a great day. A group of us went to the Hwaseong Fortress here in Suwon. A nice hike up a very steep hill will offer 360 views of the city; since the humidity is lingering, I passed on the hike and opted to explore the Haeunggung Palace which is also on site:

This is definitely a place I will make my way to once the weather cools down. I'll bet it is just magnificent in the Fall and Winter, perhaps I will make the hike up to see the city then. I also need to return to spend time along the Fortress itself. It's about a half mile long, maybe more.

A popular Soap Opera is filmed around the palace; these two are the stars of the show.

In other news: I successfully rode the subway solo! WOOT! Next weekend I will be doing a DMZ tour, which will take me to Seoul Station, finally! I keep saying I need to do a tourist weekend here but something always comes up. Once I get the hang of the transportation system I will be on the go for sure.
On the "Seoul Train" headed to a function. :)

I'm hoping I can be at a place of peace at the one year mark as well. I am in a very good space right now, physically and mentally, and I'm extremely thankful for that. Happy Sunday <3

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  1. Happy for you! What an experience. Soak it all in like I know you will!