Sticker Shock

Tuesday, August 11, 2015


First of all THANK YOU to everyone reading my posts. My page views soared in the past week. I've only shared the blog with a couple of folks outside of family, and I don't get very many comments, but it's good to know folks are actually reading :-)

I went on my first, solo shopping trip today. HomePlus is a supermarket near my job and home. It's kind of like a low grade Wal-Mart: they've got groceries, a food court, home goods, and some clothing. I've decided that I'm not going to be eating out as much here as I did in ATL. The struggle is kinda real for wanna be vegetarians like me. I've had a few good meals here, but it's tough eating on a  day-to-day basis when you're not sure what you're eating. If it smells good and I can identify it, I'll try it.

Anyway. HomePlus had some familiar items, which I was glad to see. But I wasn't quite prepared for the price of some of my favorite imports! For reference: 1 Korean Won= 0.08 USD

Parmesan cheese priced at U.S. $7.50 and $8.47, respectively. Sheesh

I got WAY TOO GEEKED. And yes, I bought them. $4 usd

A bag of Snickers minis will run you close to $14usd

The Korean equivalent of Froot Loops; over $6 a box here

"Jamaican Roast BBQ Chicken." LOL, intriguing but nope

You're gonna pay a pretty penny for whipped cream here: $11.69usd per can

Rice! Surprisingly, this was the cheapest bag I saw. $7.80usd!

You can actually get tortillas here. Don't know if they're legit

There are a few other items that we were forewarned would run a premium here. I paid $11 for a pillow, a single pillow, that would have cost me 3 or 4 dollars back home. I paid $9 for a bag of oranges but I didn't care, I was so happy to see them! Vegetables and fruits are incredibly expensive here! Bananas will run you about $3/lb. Frozen blueberries will run you around $15usd on the cheap end; so much for my smoothies holding me over :-( I've not seen any spinach yet. There was a small, "American" section in HomePlus:

And, because Korea doesn't want my waistline to be great:


Prayers for my waistline, please.

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  1. Love the redesign. The last post of yours I read I wasn't able to comment on. Keep it up! I'm really surprised at the prices too. Please tell me you took a gander at the makeup and skincare! >_<

    1. LOL, I forgot to mention that they have makeup kiosks in HomePlus as well. :-) various brands

  2. This is so good!!! So beautiful to see your experiences unfold!!!