Video: My apartment in South Korea

Friday, August 14, 2015

I was pretty worried about what type of housing I'd get moving all the way across the world, especially in Asia, where they are known for super tiny spaces. I was fully prepared to reside in a closet (thanks Google for semi spooking me). I was pleasantly surprised with the set up!

After I sold my 1800 sq ft home in the suburbs of Atlanta, I moved into a 598 sq ft apartment the city proper; talk about drastic change! I figured I'd be prepared for the worst once I got here after that experience, and that I would deal just fine, but the apartment I have has more than exceeded my expectations. It's even nicer than the photos they showed us prior to arriving here. 

Check it out, I'm good!

ETA: The group I mention in this video is Brothas & Sistas of South Korea. The group was invaluable to me in preparing to move to the ROK and remains a source of support through the journey!

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