Expat Update: Lookin' Good, Eatin' Good

Friday, September 18, 2015

Hola! Or, 안녕하세요 (anyeonghaseyo)
Since arriving here in Suwon, I have attained a much slimmer waist line by leading a more active lifestyle. I walk to and from work everyday. I hike the Hwaseong fort whenever I can. Since I am no longer driving, I have to take the train and then walk to my destination, which almost always includes hills. I am feeling and looking great.

View from atop the fortress hike. It's about 7km long.

This shirt was sagging off of me, bye bye lovehandles!

Posing at the palace, post hike.

Photobomb turned pose. I love it.

The General's statue at Hwaseong.

So we are lookin' good but we are also eating good!

Since my initial sticker shock at the grocery and other familiar eateries, I am happy to report that I have since found reprieve in Costco (LOL) and more familiar eateries that don't have the Pizza Hut price tag. This is totally counterproductive to what I'm trying to achieve above!

Look. At. God. Popeyes in Songtan!

YAS!! LEGIT Mexican food in Songtan!

My meal: chicken flautas (of course) rice and beans with guac and an horchata! VERY HAPPY!!

Seen in Suwon, very expensive but will try soon.

Yes I did, Oreo please! For what it's worth, they are very teeny in size.

My crack: Green tea popscicles from Paris Baguette. The Melon flavor is yum, too!

A healthy snack I keep at work, lightweight addicting.

So I have just about everything I need here in Korea, and I'm still learning and exploring which makes the journey all the more exciting!

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