I Love My AKA

Thursday, September 17, 2015

So in case you haven't noticed, most of my blog is in pink and green, the colors of my beloved Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated. I'm far from a neo, but I am still actively involved after 12 years in the bond.

Since I was initiated into the sisterhood, I have lived in 5 different areas. In each area, I was able to connect with my Sorors and they in turn would help me become acclimated to my new area.

When I moved from Columbia, South Carolina to Knoxville, Tennessee, a Soror arranged to pick me up from the airport, stay overnight at her house so that I'd have a home cooked meal, took me shopping for housewares the next day, bought me a television during the journey :-), and had her son move my belongings into the apartment I rented. My Soror was the president of the local chapter at the time, and I had only inquired about transferring to the chapter when I reached out to her, but she literally rolled out the pink carpet for me. It was the grandest display of sisterhood.  My sisters in this chapter would ultimately be the sole reason I did not pack up and leave Knoxville after my first year there. Living in Knoxville wasn't what I imagined, but by the Grace of God and my Sisterhood, I held on.

I had a similar experience after moving to Atlanta, where I was treated more like a daughter by my Sorors and looked after graciously.

Now here in Korea, all the way on the other side of the planet, I am exceptionally proud that again, I have Sorors to lean on.

I love and miss my blood sisters, but I am glad that the void can be semi-filled by my Sorors during all of my journies. Pink and green hugs and kisses. #SkeeWee

Service to all Mankind. Celebrating Month of the Military Child at Yongsan Base.

"Pretty Girl" station for the kids at the festival.

Soul Train Line with children in a local orphanage.

Service makes me smile :-)

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  1. I found your blog from the Brown Blog Love FB group and when I saw the pink and green I said I wonder if she is my Soror and went to search AKA and I was right. Glad to connect Soror!