Monday, September 21, 2015

If you ever come to Seoul and you do nothing else, Myeongdong is a must! I fell in love instantly after my first visit and was so glad to get back and do some real looking around.

On average Myeongdong sees a little over 1 million visitors per day. The video really does it no justice; you have to be here to experience Myeongdong yourself!

As you can see it is shopping heaven. American based apparel, the hometown favorite Forever 21, eateries galore, massage parlors and over 1,000 makeup stores! I did a li'l damage in Forever 21 but spent the rest of my time eating street food. Bring an empty stomach for this journey, which is easily accessible by bus or train from the 'burbs.

After you're done on the streets you can head underground to Myeongdong subway station, where even more shops await your coins before you head home.

I love Myeongdong! Oh and what a sight it is at night!! You can literally get ANYTHING there. Bring your camera, your appetite, good walking shoes and plan to stay the day

Myeong-dong in photo:

Forever 21 Myeongdong: 6 floors of massive merchandise.

Healthy street food options.

Several alleyways with even more stores

No getting away from these jokers.

Them either :-/

The Colonel and the candles.

You can legit get anything in Myeong-dong.


Freshly made pomegranate juice, prepared right on the street!

And when you're done getting your life above ground... can head underground for the bargains.

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  1. 1000 makeup stores?!!! Pleeaassseeeee tell me you picked something up for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))

    1. Definitely thought of you. This place is right up your alley.