A Place Called Love Land

Monday, October 19, 2015



I had the pleasure of spending this past weekend on "the Hawai'i of Korea", Jeju Island. I was technically here for a retreat, so this was a quick trip, less than 36 hours to be exact.  I was able to sneak some leisure in.

We stayed at the Hotel Leo on one of main roads. The location was convenient to bus and taxis. I was actually able to take the airport express bus straight to the hotel for a mere 1200 won, and about a 10 minute ride.

Outside the airport, the electronic bus stop complete with bus #, arrival times and departure gates. Really cool.

Upon entry to Hotel Leo, we were greeted by "Little Leo".

Oy vey

If "Little Leo" was any indication of what one of my next stops would be like...

...anyway :-) in true me fashion, I found a HOHO of sorts, but instead of red, this was a gold bus. Jeju Golden Bus actually has an airport stop for those really pressed for time on the island. You can load right at gate 3 on the arrivals floor if you have a carry on or backpack, and head straight for the sights. They also have a stop right near Hotel Leo.

They check your ticket when you board; adult fee is 11,000won and all stops are announced.
On board: headphones to keep up with the tour in your selected language, and gold seats hunny.

Ring the bell when you want to get off.

First stop for me was Yongduam Rock. It's supposed to be a rock formation shaped like a dragon but I didn't see anything of the sort. The area was actually kinda dirty, and very crowded with tour groups. The dive ladies sell food down on the shore and it appeared that maybe some stragglers had set up shop there as well. It was hard to get a good pic in the area. If I had it to do over I would have skipped the stop and hit Dodubong Peak, which is supposed to have good views of Jeju from a small summit. The nearby Eoyoung coastal highway is quite a sight if you're able to walk it. The sidewalks come and go sporadically so I'd just ride the bus and take it all in.

Peak info

Okay view from Yongduam. No dragon formation in sight, but there's the Ramada in the distance.

Dive ladies selling their catch to tourists.

Strugglin' to find a good place to snap a pic! Sad face.

Random Mermaid statue.
Next stop was to Loveland, the highly popular erotic theme park of Korea. I was a little eager to visit and see what all the fuss was about and I must say it didn't disappoint. The park was created by university students a few years ago and is popular among tourists of all ages (I saw toddlers and the very elderly while there) and couples. I went solo, so it was erm...interesting. Anyway, if ever in Jeju, it's a must do (no pun intended, well unless you're there with your bew). Hit Google for more pictures of Loveland, in addition to some of the ones I snapped below (in my video).It says you must  be 18+ to enter but I definitely saw a toddler while there.

Loveland concluded my activities while on Jeju, for business. I will definitely have to make time to go back for a few days when it's warm again, as I didn't even begin to scratch the surface.

I would recommend the Jeju Golden Bus as a day tour but skip the aforementioned stops and see the recommended ones. On my next trip, I will get to the other side of the island to see the nicer beaches, The Trick Eye Museum, their amazing botanical gardens and maybe hike a reasonable summit. Part 1 of Jeju Island, stay tuned for part 2.

Welcome... to a place called Loveland.

Admission ticket

Starts off really innocent...

(enjoy-best viewed in full screen)

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