An Ode to My Selfie Stick

Monday, November 30, 2015

Right quick:

On my recent trip to Taipei, a lady from the Philippines remarked how she was so impressed with how I seemed to be "taking it all in." She was on her very first international solo trip, and was inspired to travel more with or without people. I was humbled! You never know who is watching and observing you!

Now, I travel solo a lot. Usually people don't volunteer to take my photos for me and I don't generally ask since I carry the selfie stick. That's right. I've owned a selfie stick since it wasn't cool to have one. Now, I see every other person with one when I travel. It has created an interesting anomaly: those that don't have one now ask if I want them to snap a pic for me, slick (unwarranted) pity. I almost always oblige, only to be disappointed and end up retaking it myself. Mind you, I'm still shooting with my camera phone and will likely continue to do so, so I'm not expecting professional, DSLR quality pics but sheesh. I'm usually the focal point of all volunteer pics, and not the scenery surrounding me, whenever someone else snaps for me.

I'm even vocal about it: "Hey thanks for asking! I really love the way the mountains contrast the sky, can you make sure they're all fully in the shot? Thanks again!" all to no avail. It's me, half a mountain and no sky. Sad face.

At the behest of sounding ungrateful, I won't post examples, though I have plenty.

Instead, below are some of my best selfies taken to date, according to me of course (these pics are unfiltered):

Cape Town

Rio de Janeiro

Copacabana Beach

Iguazu Falls, Brazil

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Lantau, Hong Kong-probably the best selfie I've ever taken!
You'd LAUGH if I posted what the volunteer took after this one.


Hualien, Taiwan



All pics taken with a Samsung s5 or iPhone 6+.

The selfie stick has helped me create wonderful memories. So, here's to my fellow selfie stick lovers and users: may we never be ashamed (lol), and may we continue to flourish in our journeys across the Earth!

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  1. LOL...Great pics and no selfie stick shame here. I don't use my nearly as much as I could but I think it's a great tool. And most of the time someone offers, I just say no, I am a blogger I do this often but thanks ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing these great pictures. The one with the rainbow in the background is beautiful.

  3. My Shero! Look at all the wonderful places you've been and enjoyed. The scenery is gorgeous. I think you're your best photographer anyway. Those shots are wonderful!

    1. Awww I appreciate that! I'm working on my photog skills, just bought a tripod that's compatible with my selfie stick. Awww sooky now.

  4. You are doing amazing things with that selfie stick!!!! Your photos are beautiful! I was just telling my husband that I hate that I left my selfie stick at home when we moved over to Japan.

    All the Best,
    Allison |

  5. I have never used a selfie stick but you definitely got some great pictures with yours! I may need to try one out!!

  6. OMG!! I love the photos! Simply beautiful! You got the selfie stick down! :)


  7. I love your selfie stick picture and appreciate the fact that it allows you to be independent!

  8. great pics. I have a selfie stick, but OMG I don't really like it. My friends need passports

  9. LOL! Your selfie pics are amazing! I know the struggle of trying to have someone else take your pic.

  10. Nice. I love the idea of selfie sticks. I don't know why people give them hard time lol