Doctor Fish Spa + Massage Experience

by - Sunday, November 08, 2015

Happy rainy, dreary Sunday from Seoul!

Today I visited Doctor Fish in Myeongdong (not to be confused with Dr. Fish Cafe). Since it was pouring rain I did not get to snap a pic of the purple signs on the streets that lead you to the location. It's just off Myeongdong-8 gil, about two doors down from Aldo, though.

For locals: Myeongdong subway station exit 6, head toward the action, then follow the directions below. Go down the alleyway opposite Dunkin Donuts (you should be walking away from DD). I followed the purple Doctor Foot signs on the street there, it was easy.

There is free WiFi here if you desire it.

I walked in and was served right away. Good timing, because it got a little busy after that. They ask you to pay upfront: I wanted reflexology but they had a good price for a 60 min lymphatic massage so I opted for that. Together with the fish spa, I paid 30,000W. They accept credit cards; not sure if tipping is customary here. I will find out before I go next time but it's hard to remember when you're asked to pay upfront, and you're in a massage induced dazed thereafter (honestly didn't think about it until I left).

After paying, I was led to the changing area. They have free lockers available: one for you to place your shoes and another for you to place your purse, coat, clothing and other belongings. The key works for both lockers. They give you pajama-like clothing to change into depending on your service. Since lymphatic massage is waist down, I only changed my bottoms.

From there I was led to the foot bath; they wash your feet off before taking you to the fish:

Pre-foot bath before the fish spa; slippers await.

Prices for the fish spa alone. I don't think I could have tolerated more than 10 minutes!

They're ready!

I got to sit in the Fish spa while dozens of tiny, carnivorous fish ate away the dead skin on my dawgs. CLEARLY I needed it the way they went to town from my ankles down. It was quite the experience! It felt like the vibrations you would feel in a pedicure spa, but a bit more...awkward. Perhaps the visual of seeing it all made it weird. At the end it felt like I'd had a pedicure scrub. I'd do it again. I actually plan to make it a monthly treat.


  • Prices; I'm used to paying upwards of $50 for reflexology and $100+ for body massage back home
  • Superior customer service; there is a young lady that speaks excellent English, and she goes the extra mile to make sure you're taken care of. They offer water and/or tea as well.
  • Massages are usually uncomfortable for me, I'm SUPER tense. My back is a little sore but I enjoyed this one. I nearly fell asleep when she got to the feet!
  • Heated massage table
  • Smooth jazz played in the background with aroma candles burning.
  • There was a lot of noise in the massage area. Either the customers that came after (or the workers one, not sure) were very loud, albeit briefly. I'm used to silent areas for massage. It was a bit distracting.
  • The only privacy you really have is the beaded curtain that separates your bed from the one next to you; there were about five beds in my massage area. A couple folks came in after me, I heard their massage.

To clarify, they do not do actual pedicures to my knowledge, I already had one previously anyway. It's just the fish service, and then you can be done, or get a massage added on afterward.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Dr. Fish (they don't have a website). I will return!


My nail shop, Nail Holic in Songtan, now offers the fish pedicure, too! Only 5000KRW per 10 minute nibbling. Now I have a closer option. Yeeee!

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