Snow in Suwon

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Greetings All!

It is an extremely brisk 31 degrees in Suwon today; wind chill is 19- 19 lawd!

It's been raining all week, and old man winter decided to make his debut a month early today:

Giving you "Carmen San Diego" tease.

This is easily thee coldest place I've ever lived. Ever. I am pretty bundled up yet the cold is so gangster it eats right through my layers. 

To deal, I keep warm-er by using hot packs:

Hot packs are self-warming little packets that instantly become warm when shaken. Inside a hot pack are little compounds and metals that attract one another to create heat, they resemble coffee beans. I have one under my coat, and will get some specifically for my socks/boots. The day is nearly over, and my feet still haven't completely thawed from this morning. Anyway. I'm warm now, thanks to these little lifesavers! And they're cheap, so I will be buying more in bulk. 

I'm legit headed straight from work today to purchase a longer coat and a face mask/head cover. It's THAT cold. And it's only November. The snow was lovely to look at but these temps are so very disrespectful. I'm glad that I have several trips coming up pretty soon that will take me to warmer climates... 'Cause baby, it's cold outside. 

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