"Off to See the Wizard!"

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Greetings All:

First, and quite possibly only post of December, seeing how the year only has about a week or so left in it. That blows my mind!!! 

2015 has been, in a word: FULFILLING. 

I took grasp of my life, and boldly made moves to see my biggest dream to fruition. 

I stepped out on total faith in a number of areas, and it has paid off tremendously. 

I TRAVELED more than I could have ever dreamed in the past six months alone!!

I am over the moon. I am above cloud nine. 

I am drafting this post from MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA. 



Yes, I moved to the other side of the planet this past summer but even still; this country/continent seemed to be so far out of reach for me. To say that I'm elated is an understatement. 

Of course I'm going to do a thorough speil on the journey but since I am here for three weeks, it will have to be broken up by locale. 

For now, some footage of my day trip to the Great Ocean Road earlier this week. I'm so blessed!

Much more to come! Thank you as always for reading along. ❤️

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