Expat Travels: Australia-Part III

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Oh I definitely saved the best for last!!

Sydney, Sydney, Sydney! Lawd have mercy Sydney, Australia sure did steal my heart!

As always, I underestimate how much I'm going to enjoy a place. I only spent four days in Sydney since I was there during the most expensive time of year, New Year's Eve. Since I've already detailed that experience I want to highlight the place that has become one of my favorite cities on the planet.

I got to Sydney a day before NYE and immediately hit the ground running. The HoHo bus had me good for:

  • The Botanical Gardens
  • Circular Quay
  • Darling Harbor
  • The Sydney Opera House
  • Elizabeth Street shopping and greater Sydney
  • The Sydney Tower Eye (Sky walk featured above! Bravery!)
  • Bondi and Coogee Beaches
  • The Rocks
  • and much, much more
I tell you what: the harbor is stunning, the opera house is STUNNING in person. Just stunning.

One of my favorite areas was Darling Harbour. It's very vibrant and has lots of entertainment options. There's also an excellent vantage point of the skyline from the harbour.

The best damn gelato I've ever had. EVER.
You can't see it, but there are three different flavors in the cup.

...and I lounged around in the Royal Botanical Gardens before leaving. Oh how I wish I could have come here for the NYE Fireworks show! Very peaceful. I could have stayed all day.


And let's not forget the beautiful Bondi and Coogee Beaches, respectively.

There's a nice coastal walk between the two beaches. It's about 60-90 minutes depending on your fit level. In summer it can get quite crowded (which I found annoying). Nevertheless it is still a lovely place. I sat on a cliff for about an hour just taking it all in.

I had a nice lunch at the ecclectic Mojo's Tapas Bar in Bondi. They might have the best sangria I've ever sipped.

In an effort to redeem myself from chickening out on the sky climb in Surfers, I did the Sky Walk at the Sydney Tower Eye on New Year's Eve. I still have a healthy fear of heights but this was FUN!



Four days in Sydney is laughable, but I won't be too hard on myself considering the time of year it was for the area. Granted, it is incredibly expensive, but it is so very worth the time. I'm returning in September of this year en route back to Vanuatu, another locale I did not spend nearly enough time in.

All in all my winter vacation, spent in summer, was phenomenal. It was both relaxing and fulfilling.
I rarely ever do return trips, but I can only hope to have these same feelings when I return later this year.

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  1. You are brave :-). I have a mild fear of heights and would have never done that :-). What we did do in Sydney was go to the revolving restaurant in downtown which afforded us a 360 degree view. It's a nice place and l still remember it fondly. Glad you had fun!

    1. See, there's SO MUCH I didn't get to! The wheels are already turning for September (and I have five or six trips in between that time!) but Sydney is so heavy on my heart! I have added this to my itinerary.

  2. I have a healthy fear of heights too. I always chicken out to regret it later. The photos are beautiful!!! I can see why it stole your heart.

    Jay of www.relaxedthairapy.com

  3. I am loving your Australian recap! You said F fear...I dunno girl I might but I might cry! I really wanna go to Australia one day its my dream so thanks for sharing your joy!

    1. Girl! I said if I never get to this hemisphere again I want to remember it! Trip like ya mean it!

  4. From your pictures, I can see that Sydney is still as beautiful as it was when I visited back in 2007. I'm so long overdue for a return trip because I only went to Sydney in conjunction with a trip to Tahiti. The next time around, I definitely want to visit other cities in Oz. I agree that Darling Harbour is great. And props to you for conquering your fear of heights! I don't know if I could do it!

    1. I have a new-found obsession with the South Pacific, namely Melanesia, so I will be making my way back to Sydney as a jump-off point to see about New Caledonia, Vanuatu (again) and maybe give Fiji another try.

  5. I've never given Sydney much thought. It looks like a really neat place to visit. That sky walk looks scary.

    1. It's glass bottom, too, and I have a fear of heights but I felt no fear out here that day. Really empowering.

  6. My parents visited Australia recently and they loved it. I loved looking at the pictures, because that flight is not what I'm here for.

    1. LOL!! I thought somehow that by lving in Seoul I'd be closer to Oz...NOPE! 14.5 hour flight :-( Truly a far away land.

  7. Wow! Sydney sounds and looks amazing. I too love me some good gelato. Way to go at tackling your fears and having a good time doing it.


  8. I am DYING to go to Sydney!!!!! It looks like you had an amazing trip and lived on the edge a little.

    All the Best,
    Allison | www.LiveLifeWellBlog.com

  9. Wow!! Looks like you had so much fun and everything looks beautiful!!! Sydney is definitely a place a want to visit. You confirmed that with this post. Thanks!

  10. Wow!! Looks like you had so much fun and everything looks beautiful!!! Sydney is definitely a place a want to visit. You confirmed that with this post. Thanks!