Not About That Hostel Life

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hola Everyone:

I recently spent five days in Singapore and had my first, real deal hostel experience. I've stayed in hostels before, but they offered private spaces, so I wasn't exposed to the authentic experience. 

Adler Luxury Hostel in Singapore appeared to be just what I was looking for during this particular visit. Located in the heart of Chinatown, I was walking distance to many amazing sites, 5 minutes from downtown and directly across the street from lots of action. 

In the days leading up to my trip, I was really looking forward to having this hostel experience. I have since resolved that it is just not for me.

Adler Overview-

The place is cozy, comfy and for the most part, clean. Complimentary breakfast was a nice mix of local fare and traditional western offerings; I had noodles and fruit every morning which worked just fine for me. There was always tea, coffee and water for those who wanted to lounge in the main area.

The Capsule: I had a bottom bunk in the women-only facility. This bunk had a plug-in night light, whereas everyone else had a fully illuminated light bar that extended from one end of the space to the next. Sheesh. 

In many hostels, you get a bunk bed or twin bed with no privacy (authentic experience). Adler adds a nice touch to their capsules with the privacy curtain:

Capsule 12, all mine for 5 nights

Complimentary ear plugs in all capsules.
Nice gesture but essentially useless.

Cleanliness: I was only offered one towel during the 5 night stay; I think my first night was the only time I saw housekeeping. I've stayed in a couple of hostels around the world before this one. This is the first one I've seen that only had two showers and two toilets for nearly 20 women. Needless to say, there were very long wait times morning and night. 

Environment: Things were mostly okay until a crowd came in late in the evening. This crowd remained as long as I did (5 nights at least), were extremely inconsiderate, loud until all hours of night, and kept ALL of the lights on until the wee hours of the morning. This was extremely aggravating, but I won't fault the establishment. I was there on business and had to be up early daily. Sleepless nights are no fun.  

Food: I made the crazy decision to dine-in after a very long day of working; definitely skip their in-house cafe. I ordered chicken nuggets and fries, and it an hour for the food to come out. An HOUR, for burned finger foods. Mine was the only order. The food came out, and it was legit the frozen section nuggets that can be microwaved in 5 minutes. Not sure why it took so long. 

An hour for the most basic meal ever

All that to say I won't be doing hostel life again. I won't ever say "never", but I have enough ptsd from the experience to last a few years. 

Adler is indeed one of the nicer hostels I've seen but unfortunately it doesn't make up for the germs I left with (came in just fine, left with a really nasty cold) nor the sleepless nights in an unpleasant environment. I know hostel life works just fine for lots of folks, but I'll stick to BnBs and hotels.

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  1. Oh my! And not only did your food come out late but on styrofoam plates?! No ma'am! Were there any places around you could have transferred over to? Singapore just topped the list of the most expensive city (although inaccurate bc it did not include housing). Would you say that is correct?

    1. Correct. The area nearest to me, Orchard, has apartments that started at USD $1million. Not about that life, either. Singapore in general is expensive.