Korea has RUINED me.

Saturday, April 30, 2016


Holy products, batman!

In an effort to take my mind off the death of my fav, I went and did some shopping.

Sexy mf'er
I will be in denial about this forever

Korea is a major, major player in the cosmetics and skin care game. I have dabbled in and out of wearing make up over the past few years, definitely a novice by all accounts, and outside of doing a weekly scrub and foam washing my face every night, there really isn't much to my beauty routine. 

That has since changed since moving here.

By all accounts, I have become a product junkie. My favorite stores are Skin Food by far, and Olive Young. 

Skin Food has the absolute best products. I have come to love the Honey Moisture Line for replenishing my skin's moisture. 
It's a watery, gel-like consistency, which my skin LOVES.
I literally buy every bottle once they restock. No ash here. Best moisturizer ever!

After my visit to Thailand left me with bad sun rash on my back, in spite of using sunblock, I invested in some Skin Food products that would help with scarring and discoloration. The tomato and lemon lines have been great so far. 

Lots of Korean beauty products have whitening.
I usually bypass them, but this one serves a specific purpose.

At Olive Young, I can get my fav products from the U.S. that are generally hard to come by in Korea. 

One of my favorite scented lotions from back home.
Readily available at the Olive Young stores.

Every time you make a purchase at any Korean beauty store (and there are legit truly no less than 3 per BLOCK), you receive free samples galore. 

Legit received two packs of makeup remover sample with a purchase

Bought a quick eyeliner at the Tony Moly store in Suwon Station
The purchase came with several Green Tea line samples

I will buy the full size now, it's the only Toner that doesn't break me out!

Probably the most popular skin line for sistas here.
Haven't tried the full Black Sugar line from Skin Food yet but I will.

More Skin Food free goodies, so much to choose from!
Complimentary moisturizing eye patches, yessss

All that to say, Korea has truly ruined me! I am officially a fiend! 

A huge reason I didn't indulge in the beauty area back home is because it's typically expensive to get decent products, and they're usually loaded with crap. The products here are really cheap and for the most part, all natural.

A full size jar of aloe vera gel. It 's the good stuff, and it cost $5.

I purchased a ten-pack of quality, moisturizing face masks for the equivalent of $8. Word to Nature Republic

Also bought 10 aloe vera and 10 shea butter moisturizing masks.
10+10= buy 10, get 10 free.

I also ordered a box of hand and feet masks for $12 from Gmarket. There's like 30 in a box.

TLC for my hands and feet.
This is good stuff!

The sample grabs alone will last me a good few weeks. The products themselves last months. A beauty store in every other subway station, and literally on every single street block. Completely ruined.

What am I going to do when I get back home?!

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  1. I hope you have been stocking up for me!!! :)

    1. LOL, the contents of that drawer are for you.