Relay for Life Seoul

by - Thursday, May 26, 2016

It was a blessing to participate in the annual Relay for Life event at Garrison Yongsan base this year!

While the planning was a doozy (we started planning in MARCH-if you've ever participated, you know this is cray) we somehow made it all come together, and collectively raised nearly $25,000 to support the American Cancer Society.

Yours truly on the ones and twos :)

We legit relayed all day and all night, and into the next morning. I have participated in Relay for Life back in the states for many years, and this one was by far the most rewarding.

Seoul American High School students came straight from their prom to the Relay event!

The youngins endured through the night

By the end, this introvert had had more than enough. Nevertheless, I am really looking forward to next year's event. Here's to more birthdays!

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