Back on U.S. Soil

Thursday, June 23, 2016


It feels SO GOOD to be HOME! I appreciate this place much more after being gone for an entire year. 

What have I been doing since getting back home??

Um, eating:


And MORE eating!

I vowed to gain every pound I lost in Korea right on back this summer, starting at home with all of my faves in good ole California! I missed all the food tremendously! Ugh!

I have also been soaking up some sun and fun, because that matters. Cali was experiencing a real heat wave when I arrived. It's normally "June Gloom", cool and cloudy, then suddenly hot as hell. Summer started early this year out west. 


I spent six days in Cali/ the U.S. before scurrying off on another adventure again. The wanderlust never rests! 

"Summer sixteen" will be major. Cheers!

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