Awkward snacks, and other things I'll miss about Korea

Thursday, September 29, 2016

I have been reflecting on my time in Korea a lot lately. Considering how fast last year went by, I know that this leg of the expat journey will be over soon.

Can't believe this was almost two years ago.
Korean newbie, and full of enthusiasm.
As such, I have begun to feel a bit nostalgic about Korea as of late. There have been good and bad times, but the good times have outweighed the bad.

My second year here has been much, much better than the first. At times I want to reconsider my stay when I think of all of the convenience and comfort that Korea offers.

I really love the fact that some of the world's most beautiful locales are a few hours away, and don't cost an arm and a leg to get to. I reaaaaally slept on Asia as a region, and I've since come to adore certain places. No matter where I am in the world, I'm a traveler. I get high on exploring new places and new cultures. That will always be who I am, no matter where I am.

I also love how much unique stuff there is to do. Back home, having a fish pedicure was something that I dreamed about doing on a trip to some far off place in South East Asia; I can get one every time I visit the nail shop now. Hiking a mountain or fortress [hey, Suwon] would have required a long trip from the city to Stone Mountain, Cobb County or North Georgia. Both options are a 15 minute bus ride from me right now. We have lots of museums in the states, but nothing like what you'd find in Korea. Toilet Museum, Teddy Bear Museum, and ahem, a museum that's a bit of an aphrodisiac. Mmmhmm...

Hwaseong Fortress.
Great place to hike and immerse in culture.
If anyone knows of a place like Loveland in the states, holler at me!
Public transportation in Atlanta is not all that. In fact, for such a large city it really sucks. I have thoroughly enjoyed not having to drive anywhere, not having a car payment nor car insurance [YES GAWD!]. Moreover, I've loved the convenience and simplicity of the Seoul transit system; it's by far the easiest, cleanest and most efficient in the world. Debate me on this.

On the "Seoul" train

While I don't particularly care for Korean food in general, I have become a huge fan of unique and unusual snacks that I wouldn't be able to find back home.

Broke the habit before it got too bad

Nermmm. I keep a few of these in the office.

Green tea is my crack. I am not ashamed. I will try anything involving green tea. My obsession with Paris Baguette's Green Tea popsicles is not even funny. They know when I come in the store, I'm buying ALL the popsicles. All of them. I also love the green tea hot and cold drinks that can be found at Starbucks or any of the other corner cafes for cheap. I have a new found appreciation for green tea!

Certain that I will miss these more than anything.

I wasn't a beauty junkie before coming here, but you can't help but to slide into one of the 50-11 beauty stores on every block and see what's on sale. And I'm actually USING [and liking] this stuff, it isn't just piling up in my bathroom. I am fond of the attentiveness that the ladies and gents show when I'm looking for something, even with a language barrier. I have to figure out how I'm going to stock up on my fav Honey Moisture line from Skin Food before rolling up outta here. That is gonna be so necessary!

Ashy without youuuuu

My life has been very convenient here. If I can't find something at the corner store, or the big markets, I can have it shipped quickly via G-Market. Sometimes I'll bypass the search and just go straight to G-Market for what I need, and it's here in a few days. If I don't feel like getting up to order food or buy groceries and household items, I can have it all delivered to my door. I think this is what I will miss most about Korea; the sheer convenience of everything has me spoiled.

I hope the good times and nostalgia continue during the rest of my time here. I am going to make the most of these next few months, I'm soaking it all in. Life comes and goes so fast. It's fascinating to reflect on how this was all a dream just a couple years ago. And now I can't even believe it's been "a couple years" already.

Here's to an awesome few months ahead, and leaving without regrets :)

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