by - Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tired of seeing my people slaughtered on national television like it's part of some prime time line up. 

Tired of the fake deep injustice memes that follow after; temporary pacification.

Tired of the redundant op-ed pieces and interviews with minimal action to follow. 

Tired of the excuse of "states rights" under the guise of complacency. There was a time when slavery and Jim Crow were "states rights"; the federal powers intervened. We have an uninterested POTUS, a useless DOJ, and entirely too many people willing to allow them to be above reproach when called on this. 

Tired of PIGS getting paid vacation for their kills. Tired of them not being held accountable. 

Tired of the "do the work from within" crowd, while Black judges and Black prosecutors exonerate killer cops. 


SICK and Tired of Black people appealing to whites to see their humanity, and understand our plight. 

Tired of this shit still, from 7,000+ miles away. 

Tired of having to exist on this planet.

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