"What Do the Lonely Do, at Christmas?"

by - Monday, October 03, 2016

 We travel :)

 I recently had a conversation with like minded folks about traveling during the holidays.

I explained that this is exactly how I became a solo traveler.

I should preface this by saying that holidays [including birthdays] have never been any kind of deal for my immediate family. We're not religious, just...different. Also, I'm unmarried and childless. So I have the flexibility to get up and go without guilt.

My first solo holiday vacation was Thanksgiving 2013. I spent it in beautiful Aruba.

Thanksgiving 2013

Eagle Beach Aruba
Thanksgiving 2013

I was in a serious relationship at the time, but I went ahead and traveled solo anyway. The bf at the time was going to work the holiday to earn double pay. This is something that I was used to by then. Most of my relatives did the same: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, all spent working to earn more money. As a salaried educator with one, sometimes two whole weeks off during the holiday season, I found myself alone or babysitting for those who were working anyway. Hmph.

After that trip to Aruba, I resolved that I wouldn't spend another holiday cooped up in the house watching reruns of some syndicated show under a blanket. I'd venture off to some exotic place and get my life. Come to find out, I wasn't alone. Many, many people have done this for years. And now, it's hard to get me to come home for the holidays even if someone has planned something. Nope, not even the promise of sweet potato pie, mac 'n cheese and red velvet cake can pry me away from the warmth of other suns during the holiday season.

Since then, it's been: Aruba, San Diego, Australia, Vanuatu and Fiji hunny!

Sunny San Diego for Thanksgiving 2014
Okay, technically I did have pie this year, but I spent the rest of the time on the Pacific Coast Hwy!

NYE in Sydney, Australia

Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia

Lovely Vanuatu after ringing in the New Year

We don't get American Thanksgiving off here in Korea, but we get three weeks for the Christmas holiday and for New Years. This year I'll be returning to Thailand for some more fun in the sun. Yesssss!

The Return: Christmas 2016

Thailand: I'm coming back to ya baby!

As for me and my house, it may be "lonely" but it sure is fun during the holidays! Planning holiday vacation starts early for me. I've had my Thailand trip solidified since August [LOL] and I am counting the days.

Can you relate? Do you look forward to being away instead of the traditional holiday festivities with fam? Do you travel solo for the holidays? If so, where are you going?

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