A Taste of NOLA in Korea: Lagniappe

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

And so the grub gawds continue blessing me

Gumbo goodness!

Greetings from fatty heaven. I recently discovered this gem while looking for another place, how 'bout that? Lagniappe in Jeongja offers New Orleans fare at a reasonable price. I'm not usually a gumbo or jambalaya person [I don't eat pork or beef, and I've got to be careful with the seafood], but the pics of their gumbo were enough for me to risk it all. I'm good and satiated over here after a "cup serving" of their version of gumbo, and I didn't die:

Comes with bread for sopping up the roux. Pretty legit.

Yeah I wasn't playing

I also had the chicken salad. It's literally a salad with seasoned chicken [yesss, the chicken IS seasoned!] and the best damn ranch I've ever tasted, period. I was expecting a basic, romaine lettuce throw-together but this was beyond good. It came topped with bacon [nope], tomato [yes pls], taco strips and two eggs. I don't do eggs either, so I tossed them to the side. It didn't compromise the taste of the salad

Deceptively GOODT

I made sure to have one for lunch at work tomorrow. I'm not generally fan of romaine lettuce salads but we make due here in Korea. I will definitely be visiting Lagniappe again.

I finished it all off with beignets. You cannot call yourself a restaurant that offers NOLA fare without offering beignets! They were HOT, gooey and powdered just right

YAY for beignets!

The menu itself is kinda all over the place but there should be something for everybody. While proclaiming to be NOLA inspired, oddly, there were Mexican, Vietnamese and basic [not NOLA] Western dishes on the menu. Fine by me, otherwise I wouldn't have discovered that bomb ass chicken salad! And really, this is par for the course for Korea. Other than, well Korean restaurants, most places have a multi varied menu to cater to different groups. 

Lagniappe lives up to its name with its multi varied menu

They have po boys y'all.
The grilled chicken doesn't have mayo, so I'll try that'n next time
Krewe Zulu love

Anyone who knows me knows that New Orleans is my favorite city on the planet. Lagniappe makes a huge claim for offering some of the best in creole and cajun cuisine this side of the planet. Until I discover another place outchere that gives them a run for their money I'll take them at their word. I'm hoping that the owners will expand their menu to include more NOLA fare [shrimp and grits, étouffée, BBQ shrimp, crawfish-okay maybe wishful thinking on that one but yeah].

Finally, a good restaurant that's close to home! A 25 minute ride to Jeongja station, and I was in business. For once, I did not have to venture all the way out to Seoul for some down home food. I will definitely be returning here. 

Take exit 3 from Jeongja Station.
Walk straight to the end of the road and turn left.
When safe, cross the street and keep straight until you come to a shopping center.
You will pass a clothing store called "Coon" [yes, you read that right].
Once at the shopping center, turn right and go past the other cafes
Lagniappe is at the far end on the left.

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