Another Greedy Post: Beverly Hills Cheesecakes

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Greetings from fatty heaven, part dos:

So I finally found the faux Cheesecake Factory place that my coworkers have raved about. I am happy that Beverly Hills Cheesecakes is a mere 20 minutes from my house, and about 10 minutes walking in the opposite direction from the Lagniappe restaurant that I ate at a couple days ago.

Allegedly, the cheesecakes served at this cute little cafe are flown in from the original Cheesecake Factory in the states. The prices are definitely reflective of this, too. Desserts in Korea aren't cheap in general, though.

They close at 9:30 on weeknights, I walked in at 9:21 and was served with no problem. I do plan to return and dine in the adorable little seating area with another dessert and a hot cup of tea. This place looks like it would be perfect on a chill, rainy day. 

Some of the indoor seating.
Outdoor seating also available in warmer months.

Slices start at 8800 per slice for take out and depends on the intricacies of the dessert.
Yeah, the goodness is gonna cost ya

Nice assortment of cheesecake goodness

The menu appeared to be very limited compared to the real CF. They do have some recognizable favs, and I hear that the menu changes each season.

I set my sights on the lemon cello that nearly review on Google raved about. It did not disappoint and might be one of the best slices of cake I've ever had. Ever.

Come thru, Lemon Cello Torte
That price tho

Get in my belly
This slice is enough for 2 or 3 servings
Fatty incentives 

Cute little carryout container 

The slice was large and packed a powerful taste. I don't recall seeing this particular cheesecake on the CF menu back home, I'm a white chocolate raspberry and mango key lime girl. But this here lemon cello? YES MA'AM, instant mouthgasm. It's just the right amount of lemon, more cake-y than cheesecake-y [they do have a lemon cheesecake, though] but sweet perfection nonetheless.

Would I run back here? In a heartbeat if I'm in the area, but there are  other places a little bit closer and slightly cheaper that are just as good. I'm glad I finally got to indulge, though.

I feel like as my time winds down here in Korea I'm discovering all the goodness, and I feel some type of way about that. Stuff like this makes me wanna stay, lolol. All in all I'm here for Beverly Hills Cheesecakes. I will look forward to spending more time on the Jeongja cafe streets.

To get there: take the subway to Jeongja Station, and go out of exit 5. Make a u turn in the opposite direction and turn left at the first street. Walk past Hyundai and Andersen's Bakery about another block down, and you will see Beverly Hills Cheesecakes in the Prugio2 building.

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