Damnoen Floating Market Thailand

by - Sunday, January 08, 2017

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Another highlight of my most recent trip to Thailand was a visit to the famous floating market. 

Access the main entry by boat

I was so hesitant to book based on the mixed reviews I read, pretty much everywhere (here, Viator, Google, etc). I'm so glad I did it anyway. This is one of those excursions you take for the experience. My primary goal was to eat, and that mission was more than accomplished. I had the best sticky rice EVER (twice) at Damnoen, and I've had my share of mango and sticky rice! I also had some really good shrimp pad Thai, really good coconut ice cream, Thai tea, ripe young coconut, you name it! 
Yummy Thai fried banana, I can make this at home, too!
Coconut ice cream

Food and goods for sale

I was not interested in shopping but I took the canoe boat for an extra 150 baht anyway, again for the experience. Since I had previously read reviews across several different platforms, I knew it would be "bumper boats" on water. Other than the long tail boats bullying their way through canals, I didn't feel unsafe nor annoyed. It was a great way to see the sights and shop, and I'd do it again. Though I had no intention to do anything but eat, I was able to haggle a Thai umbrella and a beautifully decorated bamboo hat for Bangkok prices. 

Yes, the prices are marked up, but the thrill is in the haggle! Our driver even told us to start negotiations at 50% of the price and I was successful both times.

All in all this trip is what you make it. Read the reviews, decide if it's for you and go from there.
The floating market is not some quiet, serene and peaceful place where you and your lover cruise along the waterway and take in the sights. Try Venice. This is a MARKET. I enjoyed it a lot and found the half-day tour with Tour East Asia to be sufficient. Recommended!

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