Zabb-E-Lee Cooking School in Chiang Mai

by - Thursday, January 05, 2017

Greedy Posts are becoming the norm around here :)

While in Thailand, one of the highlights of my trip to Chiang Mai was a Thai food cooking class.

Full disclosure: I haven't cooked one single meal since arriving to Korea, and honestly before I left Atlanta, I wasn't cooking on a regular basis. Rosa Mae (my granny) would be dismayed that I'm wasting all of the jewels she bestowed on me in the kitchen! But when you're surrounded by excellent, made-to-order food, why bother? :)

I found Zabb-E-Lee's Thai cooking school via Trip Advisor. They had rave reviews, weren't far from my hotel in the Old City, and were less expensive than the competition. Their set menu was the most appealing part of the deal. They offer a morning and a late afternoon cooking class, so you can have brunch or dinner.

We started off at the morning market for ingredients

My choices

My group had Art as a chef host. He was very attentive, patient, energetic and humorous. We had a bit of a "struggle group" (cooks of different levels and common sense) but Art handled the lack of experience using cooking tools (and common sense) with much poise and patience. He was really young so I was impressed. Our group was a handful but we had a great time together. There are other chefs walking around assisting and cleaning up behind us as we go. 

I really like that we got to choose our dishes. Though it's a set menu, there's something for everyone. You choose your appetizer, your soup, your main dish, and a curry to make. We all made sticky rice and mango together, it was dessert. I was lucky to have all of my favs on the menu. We were given a cookbook of the recipes as a parting gift.

Soup prep; everyone gets their own station for prep and for cooking

Tasting my Tom Yum soup creation, thumbs up!
Tom Yum soup with shrimp, and Coconut shrimp soup

Curry prep! It's made totally from scratch!

My green curry (and chicken) outcome, this was the hardest to make for me.
Made from pure scratch and will burn if you're not careful!

Spring rolls, before

Pad Thai prep! My fav Thai dish!
Cookin cookin'
Pad Thai is really easy to make!

Me and the Pad Thai before it was destroyed. Nummm!

I am now confident in my ability to cook sticky rice, green curry, spring rolls, pad Thai and tom yum soup. This experience was one of the highlights of my visit to Chiang Mai. Hats off to Zabb-E-Lee and Art!

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