March Madness

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Greetings from SoKo, where it got real the other day.

Protests before the impeachment of President Park Geun Hye

The South Korean President was impeached the other day after a months long investigation into bribing involving corporate leadership, gross misconduct and awkward consultation services being brought to light. The Supreme Court upheld the impeachment, and she officially has 30 days to dip.

The Blue House, official residence of SoKo Pres.
She's been served her 30 day notice to move out.

Disgraced SoKo President
Source: Wikimedia

The President will be replaced in 30 days. The opposition party is expected to be voted into office. Much is unclear about where she will go or what she will do after this. If you're not familiar with Park Geun-hye's background and familial ascent to one of the highest offices, read here.

Wow. So much discourse in recent months [your turn, USA].

Kim Jong-un is also trying it again. The U.S. and South Korean militaries have deployed THAAD in response to a recent long range missile test run by North Korea last week. In addition to the ongoing presidential drama, I have to remind myself that this country has been actively at war with the North for 60+ years. More on that another time. I'd better knock that DMZ tour out soon, while I still can.

Despite all of the drama, life is moving on as usual around here. There is a highly visible presence of SWAT-type police teams down in Seoul, and nearly every other day I see Korean military marching down Cheongmyeong. People have kept on living, though. I don't feel unsafe but I am alert.

In better news,  I'm headed back on vacation in a couple of weeks and I seriously can't wait. I've been extremely busy trying to wrap up life here and get prepared for the next chapter simultaneously that I nearly forgot about Spring Break. A tough day at work served as a quick reminder, and at some point I'll start packing.

A glimpse of my next location ;-)

In the meantime, I'll take in as much of SoKo as I can with the 3 months or so that I have left here. As anxious as I am to go, I still haven't wrapped my mind around leaving. I'm sure I'll do so when the packing process begins after my conferences in April. Whew! Time flies but I'm glad to be in the number.

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