Weekend Getaway to Busan

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Just getting home from a spur of the moment getaway to Busan :)

As my time winds down here in Korea, I'm in full transition mode.

As my time winds down here in Korea, I'm in full transition mode.

A couple months ago, I took my senior students through the transition process. We discussed how life in college is going to be drastically different than life in high school was, and that it was a good time to start the goodbye process. 

One of the suggestions from our guest speaker was to visit the places you love, and say goodbye to them. Shortly thereafter, I began making a list of places and things in Korea that I wanted to see or experience before my departure. 
Busan was at the very top of the list. I've been to Busan before; it was rainy and I was disappointed that I didn't get to see the beautiful Gamcheon Culture Village. I slick came back just for Gamcheon.

The beautiful Gamcheon Culture Village, and the weather was fantastic!

 There are several cafes and cultural shops that visitors can visit for varied experiences. Though Gamcheon is a tourist hot spot, it's still a residential area.

Yes people live here, clothes line in the back ;-p

Gamcheon is also really artsy and obviously colorful! Plan to spend a couple of hours here exploring the alleyways and intricate creations. I loved this place.

I was only here for the weekend, and the culture village was my itinerary, but there are other cool things to see and do in Busan. The last time I was here, I did an escape room adventure near Haeundae beach. THAT was interesting!

Breakout Busan.
I learned that I am NOT cut out for mentally exhausting tasks.

There is also the Sea Life Aquarium and a Hop on Hop Off Bus that takes you to neat places like Taejongdae, Gwangalli Beach and the Oryukdo Skywalk to name a few.

A photo of Oryukdo, back in the day.
There are historic photos lining the skywalk.
Oryukdo today

Seaside selfies

It seems that LOTS of other people had Busan in mind for this weekend, too, so I bypassed the HoHo bus even though that's usually a thing of mine. It was consistently crowded. I figured out how to get around using the city bus and trains, and it was easy just as it is in Seoul.

I stayed in Haeundae Beach again for this trip. Last time I came, it was cold and rainy until our final day.

Haeundae Beach, October 2016, after the rain.
It was chilly, too!

This time, ALL the sunshine!


I love me some Busan, and it's seriously underrated compared to Seoul. I should have been coming here more often, especially since I'm a natural born beach bum. I did give Busan a proper goodbye. Should my travels ever bring me back to Korea in the future, Busan will be my first stop.

If your travels ever bring you here, give Busan a try. It's the second largest city in Korea and while it is busy, it moves at a more laid-back pace than Seoul. "Goodbye" for now Busan, I will miss ya.

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