Expat Travels: San Pedro, Belize

Sunday, July 23, 2017

I took another vacation within my current summer vacation. I've been slipping on my "expat travels" series. Here's how I spent my recent trip to beautiftul San Pedro:

A nice welcome on airport departure.


I flew into Belize City and then took a taxi to the San Pedro Express boat dock. The taxi ride cost $25usd OR 50BDZ [side-you can use USD here with no problem. BZD to USD is currently 2:1]. The taxi ride to the dock is around 25 minutes or so. A roundtrip ticket on the express boat was $35usd. It takes about an hour and a half to get from Belize City to San Pedro on this boat. Download a good podcast and enjoy the ride, it's crowded but fairly comfy.


Airbnb in the clutch! I stayed in a comfortable King suite with the brand new Hummingbird Suites on the south side of the island. Though it's walkable to the busier parts of San Pedro [and just in front of a "beach"], it is SWELTERING HOT in San Pedro, and you probably won't tolerate even a 5 minute walk. Taxis ride by often and take people around the island. It was about $3-$5 each way from where I was into the main part of town. I'd recommend the place but there is construction happening just behind them, so the ocean view will be compromised once that project is complete.


I want to return just to eat. Belizean food encompasses Caribbean and Mexican cuisines primarily, but of course since San Pedro has a very large expat population you can get American, Italian, French, etc fare as well. Their signature stew chicken is excellent. They also make a pretty good jerk.

Belizean stew chicken with yellow corn rice. Nermmm [ignore the feet].

The Belizean version of jerk chicken. That coconut rice and beans was FIRE!


Took my first excursion with Island Dream Tours on their "YOLO Chill cruise". This was a trip highlight as it took us out to the Hoi Chan reserve, Stingray Bay and the inadvertent, waist deep "chill" spot created by Hurricane Earl last year. The chill spot had the ice blue warm waters that we saw en route to San Pedro from Belize City. The draw for the chill cruise was unlimited drank.


My next excursion was to the Lamanai Ruins with Searious Adventures. I'd originally wanted to see Xunantunich but none of the tour companies or private operators would take me out there solo, bummer. Maybe next time.

Small museum on site.

Jaguar temple at Lamanai

Olmec replica at Lamanai, hot as the dickens!
Watch out for the red ants.

I was supposed to do a day tour to Caye Caulker but decided on a lazy day, I'd had enough of that heat. When planning your trip, make friends with TripAdvisor and Google. I found lots to do but time was limited.

The famous Palapa, renovated after being destroyed by Hurricane Earl last year.
Live music and chill vibes.

I enjoyed my quick stay in Belize. I was there four days, and of course I learn after the fact that it's one of those places where you need more time. I totally see why people pick up and move here now. It's not a place that I'd call cheapish by any stretch [I paid a pretty penny on excursions] but it's worth the trip. I intend to return and see the other side of the country.

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