Doha vs. Atlanta

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Similarities -

  • Much like Atlanta, you need a car to get around here. They have Uber, and another (more reliable) car service called Careem. You can also hire a private driver. I'm not driving here.
  • If you do decide to drive, they drive on the right like we do.
  • The mall is the hangout spot for the youth; well, really for everyone since it's so hot. Correction to my previous post: there are TWENTY malls to choose from, with one more coming right next to The Pearl...more on The Pearl later ;)
  • Starbucks is is king here, too. Good grief (lol)
  • Just like the South, it's family over everything in this region.
  • They have WalMart-esque supercenters here where you can buy groceries and a TV at the same time. Carrefour and Lulu's are referred to as "hypermarkets"; Carrefour is my favorite so far.
  • They had just about allll of my favorite brand items, unbeknownst to me, and they're reasonably priced despite being imports! I wasn't going to take a chance, though. I was surprised to see that they sell wash cloths. WASH CLOTHS Y'ALL! An anomaly in East Asia, are plentiful here! Yaaaassss! Still, I brought my own, and 12 bars of Dove to last me to the end of the year and then I figured I'd wing it on Amazon or something. Much to my surprise, they have my white bar among others, no Dove Sensitive, though but I'll take it! They also have Tide detergent (I brought Gain dryer sheets) and Pantene products. 

It was inside that I cried...tears of joy. $1.30 each *sniff*


  • Today is Sunday, the first day of the work week. Yes, I went to work today. Our weekend is Friday and Saturday.
  • We get sandstorms instead of snowstorms (Korea) and thunderstorms (Georgia).
  • There is no cold water in the summer time, from faucets that is. It gets so hot that the pipes and containers heat up. When I wash clothes, the Cold/Cold cycle is really lukewarm. Meh.
  • Speaking of driving, roundabouts rule the road instead of stop lights. There are some stop lights, though.
  • They got days off last year for the unusual rainy season in spring. They weren't remotely prepared for it, everything flooded. Actually, I do recall when we got a few days off for torrential rain when I worked in gcps a few years ago.
  • Within a mall, you will usually find a large specialty store that would be standalone back home, think of a Super Target INSIDE The Mall of Georgia rather than a couple blocks up the road from it. You can bring your shopping cart into other stores within the mall in case you aren't done. Spending is encouraged in this region.

My shopping cart, in IHOP!

  • The malls stay open until midnight or later.
  • As mentioned, the locals are outnumbered by the expats by 90%, making Qataris a "minority" in their own country.
  • If you're here on a residency permit, you have to have your employer's permission to leave the country. 

That's all I can think of for now.

I've been asked if I feel safe here; I received this same question while in South Korea and also when I sold my house and moved to city of Atlanta. I feel safe and of sound mind, more than I have in a long while. Hoping it works out here.

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