Skyscrapers and Stomach Bugs: One Month Update

Monday, September 04, 2017


I've officially been in the Middle East for one month as of today.

So far it's been great. It only took me a few days to get over jet lag. Since we start work at 7am (I'm there by 6) my nights conclude a lot earlier these days.

Highlights so far:

My group of newbies came down with a lingering stomach bug, we think it was a virus since nothing would work to alleviate our symptoms. Most of us were sick for a damn week, a couple are still trying to get to 100%. I suppose that comes with the territory in any new place. The worst.

So after being out for the count for a week-the week that school started no less-I can't say I've done anything significant in Doha since my arrival. I have been to the City Centre a few times and saw the skyscrapers while out there. The architecture in Doha is magnificent!

View of downtown Doha, magnifique. Thanks, wiki.
I'll be back down there when it cools off doe.

I watched the total eclipse online as it happened in the USA. Even though we were streaming I thought it was a pretty cool ordeal to witness. I soooo wish I could have seen it in person.

Screen capture from my online viewing of the eclipse.
Thanks, NASA.

I found a legit nail shop, lololol if you know me you know why this is important. Turns out there are plenty. I'll be trying the others out until I find one I like.

Not bad, let's see how they last.

We are off for the Eid Al Adha holiday: I'm in Oman, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi for the week. More on booking that experience with this ongoing embargo going on, later.

My students' replica explaining the significance of Eid Al Adha
Happy Eid!

I'm gonna plan to do something fun-adjacent once I return to Qatar. It is beginning to cool off there, for whatever that's worth. By "cool", I mean the heat index is in the 110s instead of the 120s :) I took the trash out the other day and didn't break a sweat. That's progress. Around November sometime, I hear we will get real Fall weather. I'm looking forward to it. My desire to go out sightseeing around here will increase once the temps decrease.

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