Visiting the Museum of Islamic Art

Saturday, November 04, 2017

I finally made it to the stunning, waterfront Museum of Islamic Art and was immediately amazed by the stunning landscape; the MIA architecture is truly a work of art inside and out.

Doha's amazing skyline sits just behind the museum

The museum houses exactly what it says: Islamic Art. Curation ranged from paintings to textiles,  calligraphy to berber carpets (yes) and ancient-antique jewels and household items. They made the most basic of today's household items look like pure luxury.

The interior is a work of art as well!

Somehow I imagined "museum" and anticipated more than just art but that's not the case. It's a simple but fantastic display. Here's a small sample of what you can expect at MIA:

This was DOPE to me

Ayeeeeee! Come thru extravagant flask!

I thought this was beautiful

*More bling!*

As a side note: I learned a valuable lesson about visiting the Corniche area on a Friday afternoon:

Just. Don't. Do it.

I thought by going later in the day I'd avoid crowds but that turned out to be the opposite; late Friday afternoon is their busiest time.

MIA is a tourist site and most people that were there that day were there for photo ops. While it is indeed a very photogenic place, the galleries are not to be missed.

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