Qatar: One Year Update

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Still here :)


I had a fabulous, fabulous summer and now I'm back in Doha.

Life is still good here. It's hot as the dickens, but I don't mind.

We're back at work, but not for long. Another Eid holiday is on the horizon. I'll be traveling within the region during the break.

As much as I love travel, I know I'm going to have to scale back next year. My desire for stability has strengthened. That means staying put, and doing basic things like binging Netflix, scrolling through gossip sites on my own couch and walking my neighborhood :)

I'll probably get a car this year, and maybe a dog.

I'm hoping for another supremely productive school year. I have another rambunctious group and I'm excited to see where their ambitions take them.

1 year down, ___ to go!

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