I am Homesick; or, an ode to Atlanta

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Welp, it's that time of year.

I get into my feelings at this exact same time every year.
It's Fall, my favorite season. And there is no place like Fall in the American South.

I miss cinnamon-pumpkin scented candles. I can get them here but it's not the same.

I miss shopping for boots. 😄

I miss rain.

I miss autumn leaves.

I miss the Taste of Atlanta. I used to go faithfully with a bae or a friend. I think I went alone once. The people, the smell of amazing foods, the sound of good music, the Fall air and the downtown ATL skyline. I miss it terribly.

I miss college football!

I miss a warm living room that smells like cranberry, snuggled up in a blankie binging Netflix. Maybe a glass of wine. Maybe.

I miss Homecoming season. I miss chapter meetings.

My last Homecoming with my girLS, in 2013

My UAO Sorors, circa 2012

I miss weekend brunch on a cool patio or at a bar playing ESPN highlights (hey Copeland's).

I miss cheap, weekly happy hours that turned into functions.

I miss fall fashion, namely sweaters and cute scarves.

I wish I would try to wear a leather jacket in the desert 😫

I miss Shorty Howell Park.

I imagine my nieces playing in a pile of browning leaves, giggling with innocent glee.

I imagine Thanksgiving dinner and a good spades game thereafter; The Temptations' "Silent Night" plays in the background.

I miss complaining about Xmas decorations taking over stores too soon.

I miss Wal-Mart. And Target. And Publix. And Amazon Prime.

I miss dining in at soul food restaurants while the elders discuss politics in the background.

Shout out to The Beautiful, a Cascade staple: the best food and the best conversations!

I miss Chick Fil A. And Jim & Nicks. And Taco Bell drive thrus (judge me). And lemon pepper wings with shrimp fried rice. And eating Cold Stone, outside.

I miss Atlanta. I miss home.

Happy Fall! 🍂

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