'This Isn't What I Imagined'

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Too good not to share.

The Therapy for Black Girls Podcast has been an amazing discovery. It's been on my radar for a while but I'm just now truly delving into it. Since it's consistent, I'll make it apart of my weekly listen, along with The Read. It's poignant and it brings me joy.
Speaking of Joy 😉 Dr. Bradford (my Soror 💗💚) did an amazing thing with Episode 50. Despite being just under 10 minutes long, it packs a powerful punch.

She asks three questions related to Sisters not feeling like they’re where they want to be in their lives. Lord knows. Lord KNOWS.

One of the questions asked if we've grieved our dreams that have not yet come to fruition. For the past couple years, I've definitely been at a place where I've come to accept that certain things just may never happen for me. I've even convinced myself that I don't want them anymore. I've called it a defense mechanism, but maybe I'm just okay? Okay with the fact that some things just aren't going to happen.

Anyway. Please give it a listen, and get into the podcast. This Sister is doing a wonderful thing by encouraging Black women to incorporate therapy into their lives. I'm actively in my counseling roots, heavily into mindfulness again. This was an eye opener and gave me a little comfort, too: the realization that I'm okay.

(direct link here if you don't have Spotify)

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