Expat Travels: Kenya

Friday, January 11, 2019

Happy 2019 :) 

...from Kenya :)

Recently ticked off a major bucket list travel item: visiting East Africa!

For our winter break, I hit Kenya and Zanzibar. I've wanted to visit since I was 17, so this was a real dream come true.

I began in Nairobi, and it was everything I imagined it to be: a real vibrant, cosmopolitan and chic city. I did not spend enough time here, and I'd like to return and nest for a few weeks.

I also spent time at the Insta-popular Giraffe Center. I do not recommend a visit here unless you have the patience of Job. I really don't do animals, but I wanted to see these majestic creatures up close. Getting "deboed" by anxious families and eager photogs was no fun, and the giraffes were mostly disinterested in us humans anyway. If you want the up close experience, spend the money for the nearby Giraffe Manor.

They prefer grass to, whatever this was 😂

Like any good tourist, I had to do a safari. Unfortunately I chose the wrong time of year to visit. The Great Migration had already happened back in September, and it was very rainy during our game drives, but we still saw quite a few animals. I created a video for the occasion (on IG). 

I haven't mentioned the safari company because I don't recommend them. I'm a flexible person but the company altered and rearranged our itinerary way too much, and we even skipped some things, namely the Massai Mara village visit that I was looking forward to. Bummer.

I saw 2 of the "big 5" on my safari. Better luck next time.

After Nairobi, I went south to Mombasa. My original goal was to get down to Diani Beach but I was unable to secure reliable transportation for my dates, so I stayed in the city. I liked Mombasa enough, the people were among the friendliest I've encountered on my travels. But frequent power outages and limited access to food made the 5 day stay very difficult for me. 

Bamburi Beach, Mombasa
Don't be fooled, a few steps down=major crowds

The one time I regretted being #teamcarryon
I wanted all the art

Swahili food: very tasty and filling but surprisingly hard to find
Plenty of Indian food and KFC available, though :-/

Views from Mombasa's Fort Jesus 

Shinin on the colonizers' set-up 😏

I spent ten days in Kenya and I'd return in a heartbeat, particularly for Nairobi. In the short time I spent in the capital city, I really loved the vibe, the weather and the people.

I look forward to a proper exploration of the city in the near future.

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