The Scotch Whisky Experience

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Edinburgh completely "Wowed" me on my last trip there. I had a wonderful time, and my second trip was no different.

I didn't get around to a few activities on the last jaunt, namely a whiskey tour. So this time around, I prioritized participating in one.

The Scotch Whiskey Tour is arguably the most popular one in Edinburgh. Since it was low season, I was able to walk in and book the next available tour on the same day. I would not take that risk in summer!


After whiskey
They have nice bathrooms, btw

After you're introduced to your guide, you're whisked away on a virtual tour, that to me was reminiscent of a ride at Disneyland. Your virtual guide gives a 10 minute overview of the history and production of Scottish whiskey.

A short ride to the second floor, where the main experience takes place.

Aged to perfection

A few displays after the ride disembarks

After the ride, you're given a scratch 'n sniff of the five types of whiskey.

I'm a Highland gal 😉

For this tour, we were given three whiskeys to sample: two were selected for us, and the other one we got to choose.

This was the lightweight level tour
You will get a nice buzz, but make sure you eat first!

After the real life and virtual guides give an overview of each type of whiskey and their respective regions, you're left to sip as you wish. I like that they gave us a piece of dark chocolate to smooth out the taste for us lightweights. The Islay is a certified throat burner, and the Campbeltown can be a bit smoky as well.

"Just a taste"

At the end of the presentation, they give you a whiskey glass as a parting gift. There is also an abundant gift store downstairs.

Nice parting gift.

We were originally supposed to go to a few different rooms on this level of the tour, but the other rooms were closed for renos, so they just gave us extra drank instead. 🍹

I highly recommend the tour for brown likka enthusiasts. I'm a Jack Daniels girl, and these sample brands were a bit more "scorchy" than I'm used to, but I enjoyed it a lot.

What: The Scotch Whiskey Experience
Where: Old Town Edinburgh, just in front of the Edinburgh castle
When: tours every 20 minutes throughout the day, from 10am-5pm (low season times)
Cost: Silver tour is £16.00 and lasts approximately one hour

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  1. Do the Scots actually call it "Scotch" or do they call it "whiskey"? Or is that something only we do? Lol