Expat Travels: India's Golden Triangle

Friday, April 19, 2019

...or, never say never.

I spent four days and three nights in India's crown jewel of architecture, The Golden Triangle.

Despite the ferocious heat, it was an amazing and memorable journey.

Now, India is one of those countries that I had written off as never visiting due to some of the rampant news stories I've heard. It is not a perfect country, but it's home to over a billion people, and surely everyone isn't the same.

Whenever I hear people talk about their travels to India, it is usually positive. In fact, many of these people are repeat travelers to the sub continent. Underneath the grit and grime, there is an inexplicable magic to the place.

One of my FAVORITE sights was seeing random cows in the midst of traffic! 😝
Cows are considered sacred animals in India photo via Flickr

My trip was quick and easy. I did the 3 day jaunt through Bhati Tours, and I highly recommend them. Since I was solo, they let me adapt the trip to my liking. I never had any issues with punctuality and my driver was a-1. We started in New Delhi and went south to Jaipur. Jaipur has a rich history and some of the most amazing architecture I've ever seen.

Hot but Happy!

I enjoyed seeing the ancient structures reflecting perfectly onto the water

Fabulous marble structures were found all throughout Jaipur!
I couldn't get enough!

Our journey continued through Jaipur to prominent sites within "the Pink City". The precolonial palaces were a real treat. I have a slight obsession with marble, I think it makes everything elegant.

Hawa Mahal at dawn

At Amer Palace in Jaipur
This dress was an Amazon purchase fail but I made it work 😓

Amer Fort in Rajasthan
It reminded me a lot of some of the Chinese architecture in Beijing

Schweaty Keish.
But get into this architecture, truly amazing!

Outside of Agra, we visited Fatehpur Sikri, home of the palace of Akbar and his four wives. While the palace is a mere shell of its former self, and not as extravagant as it would have been after British looting, it was still quite the sight inside and out. 

Touring the Agra fort was memorable and hilarious. I have heard from other Black people about the legendary gawking that happens in India. And while I saw plenty of other Black tourists on my journey, that didn't stop the locals from glaring at me like I was a unicorn anyway. Good thing I'm used to it these days.

Chile...she wasn't budging until she had taken in every part of me. Lawd.

I made a separate post for the absolutely breathtaking Taj Mahal; you can read about my experience there here.

If the visa weren't so expensive, I'd be making my way back to India in a heartbeat! Flights are extremely cheap from Doha, and the qar and usd do very well against the rupee. However, the $120 single entry visa is a major deterrent, so unfortunately, it'll be a while before I return.

While I remain a cautious traveler, I am so glad that I did not completely count India out. I had no issues with harassment, and I felt safe most of the time. I do hope that I can see more of the country in the near future. India is truly the most complex place I have ever visited!

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