Count Your Blessings and Mind Your Business

Thursday, May 02, 2019

This is a vent about elitism.

Yes, it's still thing.

I've been abroad for 4 years now and it's really not a big deal. Most of my folks are proud me, that's all I need.

For some, traveling or living abroad is an opportunity to flex.

Travel shaming and elitism reminds me of the people who read a book about a topic once, and believe themselves to be experts on the subject matter.

Wack af.

Yes, there are people back home that have never left their block; mind your business.

Yes, you will speak to relatives and friends that may not relate to some of your experiences, mind your business and talk about something else.

Yes, some will be envious of your journey and even make snide remarks about it; their problem, not yours. Mind your business.

It really bothers me when people make the assumption that living in a well-resourced country automatically equates to everyone in said country having equal access to everything. These people clearly don't read books. These people should therefore stfu.

Traveling, or living abroad, is not everyone's priority nor should it be. It also doesn't guarantee that you'll become any more enlightened than you already are...or aren't.  It is disingenuous as hell to place your own expectations onto others. They didn't sign up for that.

It costs you nothing to mind your business.

If you have garnered the ability and the finances to move about as you please, hooray for you.

If you genuinely desire to help others achieve the same (if they're interested in doing so), do it without expectation and maintain boundaries if necessary.

Meet people where they are.
Count your blessings and mind your business, in all areas of life.

Thank you for coming to my TED talk. 😀

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