Maldives vs. Seychelles

Friday, August 30, 2019

Two places that once seemed so far away and so unattainable, ended up being just 5 hours away from me!

Which island is this? 😀

Firstly, these two islands are arguably considered among the most coveted in the Indian Ocean. They're also feasible when compared to places like Mauritius and Reunion, which are infinitely more expensive to fly into.

Despite both being colonized by the British, both islands were able to hold onto their own respective (indigenous) cultural norms.

Seychelles and Maldives are both popular destinations for honeymooners, too. Welp, I went solo to both 😌 but I definitely have a preference.


Seychellois vs. Maldivian Food:

Winner- Seychelles, but only by a slight margin.

same ol', same ol' in Maldives

Source: Flickr

The food is essentially the same (Indian influenced-curry this, curry dat!) but Seychelles has more of a variety. I literally saw the same menu at every restaurant in Maldives. I also really liked the boulangeries and access to alcohol in Seychelles.

Seychelles vs. Maldives beaches:

Winner- Seychelles

Greenery wins. Nuff said, beauty unparalleled
HOWEVER,  Maldivian beaches are far less choppy.

Seychelles vs. Maldives lodging:

Winner- Maldives

Though I didn't stay in a resort, and while I loved loved loved my apartment in Mahe, Maldives is the overall winner here. Over-the-water bungalows are the draw, and for good reason.

Seychelles vs. Maldives activities:

Winner- DRAW

Thanks, Emojipedia!

Face it. There isn't much adventure in either place. There are more activities in general in Seychelles, but they're not what I'd personally consider interesting or fun.

Seychelles vs. Maldives weather:

Winner- Maldives

Hiding from the drizzle in Maldives
No pictures were taken during the thunderstorm in Praslin!

One 10 minute drizzle vs. sporadic thunderstorms, and all day rain for a couple of days.
Easy decision.

Seychelles vs. Maldives culture:


Seychelles is diverse in every way. The colonial history of these two nations is unforgivable, but the people have persisted in spite of. However, there's just something about Seychelles, from the people to the land, that's energetic and vibrant.

Seychelles vs. Maldives airports:

Winner- Seychelles

Sounds arbitrary but it matters. Seychelles has a couple of premium lounges, and air conditioning everywhere else. You walk right outside and board your plane. And despite being one of the hardest airports to land and take off in, Mahe airport is surrounded by BEAUTY. Free Wifi, too!

Seychelles vs. Maldives overall:

Seychelles shawty!

I am blessed to have visited Maldives, but I'm glad I visited from Qatar instead of the USA. I wouldn't have been pleased to make such a journey for such a quiet, limited island. And once the Caribbean builds more over-the-water bungalows (the ones that exist now don't measure up), it's a wrap. No shade, but the bungalows are literally the only draw. There are more beautiful places off the Indian Ocean, imo.

Again, no shade to Maldives-and I went solo to both to boot! But Seychelles was such a vibe. The land is lush, the people are very diverse, the food is slightly better and there is more to get into.
Seychelles is worth the journey from anywhere, hands down.


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  1. Great comparison. Hopefully I'll make it out to one or both someday!