WWJD? Or, An Ode to Botham Jean

Friday, October 04, 2019

The narrative of what's Christ-like, with regard to the notion of forgiveness, gotta die.

Full disclosure: I hold grudges like a mofo 😂 I also don't believe that forgiveness, being "the bigger person" or closure are necessary to move past things and heal on our own terms.

That said, it seems that sometimes we forget who Jesus actually was.

Jesus was unafraid to call anyone to the floor.
Jesus was a friend to the ostracized and the outcasts.

Jesus went up against bosses, the organized religion of the time and region, pharisees, and others that today's folks would be/are following behind.

Jesus went up against whole governments and the established order; yet, we use His name to dismiss the actions of those who have transgressed against us for CENTURIES, all under the guise of forgiveness.

Never, ever forget that Jesus also flipped over tables to get His point across.

WWJD? Seriously? 

The Jesus that has been documented (even with all of said document's flaws) was STILL about that life! Why are we scapegoating Jesus, to avoid facing and SAYING OUT LOUD, what we know isn't right??

Especially since Jesus was a whole rebel for His time. 

My former pastor, Jesse Curney, once said [paraphrasing] we can turn the other cheek, but we only have 2 cheeks y'all. And if you want FOLK to understand that you mean what you say, there's another couple of cheeks you've got for them to entertain...

I say all that to say: we outta cheeks, y'all.

We ought to be outta forgiveness for our OPPRESSORS. What incentive do any of them have to change, if you're just gonna offer up forgiveness that they likely haven't even asked for themselves??

A wise man (whom, like Jesus, was 'public enemy number 1' and was ultimately crucified for daring to speak) once said that "the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands at times of comfort and convenience,  but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy"

If we are called to be "Christ-like", then we can't be punks. ❤

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