About Me

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The web heading pretty much speaks for itself. I'm very introverted but I love life and I love a little adventure, hence my journey abroad.

I've spent the past 14 years serving youth. I began as a Resident Counselor for pre-college programs in my native San Diego. I continued on as an Education Specialist for pre-college programs at the University of Tennessee, where I also earned my Masters in Counseling. After graduating, I moved to metro Atlanta, and served as a certified high school counselor for eight years before transitioning abroad.

My initial journey to becoming an expatriate was difficult, but I endured. I spent my first two years abroad in South Korea before moving on to my current stint in Qatar. I hope to remain in Qatar for a while before moving on to another adventure. I have immensely enjoyed my life abroad!

Before moving overseas, I had a love for travel and visited 20 countries, many solo. I haven't missed a beat since moving abroad. I've since visited over 50 countries, and my love for travel grows with each trip!

This space was primarily created to keep my loved ones updated about my journey abroad. This includes my love of travel and everything in between, including the lows and the highs of being in a foreign country.

I don't intend to give up this life by choice or any time soon. It has truly been a blessing  💝